Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Rated For Release In Korea

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Rated For Release In Korea

Evidence continues to mount against one of this year's worst kept secrets.

In a year of poorly kept secrets, the Mass Effect remasters are certainly one of the worst. While EA or Bioware have yet to make any concrete announcements, plenty of evidence has started to stack up to suggest the first three games are due for a rerelease.

The latest piece of evidence comes from Korea, courtesy of Gematsu, who have noted that the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition has now been rated for release. While a rating is still far from official confirmation, it suggests an announcement and potentially a release will be coming soon.


The evidence really started to mount back in July, when a listing on Amazon popped up for an art book titled The Art of the Mass Effect Trilogy: Expanded Edition. Since then, retailers from two different European countries, both Portugal and the Czech Republic, listed the trilogy for pre-order on their websites.

The collection was originally slated for release late this year, however, reports suggested that issues with both the graphics and gameplay from the original Mass Effect game have caused some issues. The collection, which now looks to officially be called Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, has since been delayed behind the scenes because of this. The new release date isn’t too far away, despite the reported setback, with the collection now due in the early parts of next year.

While the delay is unfortunate for fans, that’s not the only piece of rumoured bad news. Initially, the listings on the European websites suggested Mass Effect: Legendary Edition would be hitting all three current-gen platforms, more recent murmurings have suggested otherwise however. According to Jeff Grubb, who has been one of the people at the forefront of the Mass Effect rumours, Nintendo Switch owners have cause for concern. Grubb suggested that although EA is bringing seven titles to the Switch, the Mass Effect Trilogy is “definitely not one of them.”

Keep your eyes here for any news on the trilogy as it drops.