Mass Effect Legendary Edition Update Today (May 17) - Patch Notes, Changes

Bug fixes galore in the latest Mass Effect Legendary Edition update!

By Kyle Knight

May 17, 2021

A brand new update has been released today for the recently released Mass Effect Legendary Edition and DualShockers have got the full patch notes so you can check out all of the changes in the May 17 update.

For those that might be experiencing the Mass Effect Trilogy for the very first time, you’ve probably got a lot of questions. Luckily, DualShockers have got various guides to help you complete the full trilogy with ease. Check out the link below to find out the difference between Legendary Mode and Classic Mode.

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Mass Effect Legendary Edition – Official Launch Trailer

Mass Effect Legendary Edition – Official Launch Trailer

Mass Effect Legendary Edition – May 17 Update

The latest update for Mass Effect Legendary Edition brings some much-needed bug fixes and quality of life improvements across all three games.

Xbox users can rejoice as it appears an issue on Series X which was causing the game to crash has been fixed. The rest of the bug fixes revolve around texture improvements and achievements/trophies now tracking correctly.

You can find all of the bug fixes in today’s update in the official patch notes.

Patch Notes

Below you will find the official patch notes, these notes were taken from the official EA Website.

The following are fixes and improvements we’ve made across all platforms in this update.


  • Fixed the main issue where the launcher would crash or become unresponsive on Xbox Series X when using a wireless headset
    • Known issue: This can still happen if you enable/disable a headset in the launcher. A future fix will resolve this issue.
  • Improved iris shaders for better interaction with light and ambient occlusion
  • Minor calibrations, fixes, and stability improvements

Mass Effect

  • Improved terrain textures
  • Fixed an issue where kills for achievements/trophies weren’t tracking correctly

Mass Effect & Mass Effect 2

  • Resolved an issue where the character code would sometimes not display in the squad menu
  • Improvements to pre-rendered cutscenes to reduce occasional artifacts

Mass Effect 2

  • Improved lighting and shadows in some cinematics
  • Minor visual, rendering, and VFX improvements on some levels
  • Resolved minor text issues with achievements

Mass Effect 3

  • Fixed an issue where kills for achievements/trophies weren’t tracking correctly

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Players are once again able to experience Commander Sheppard’s story from the original Mass Effect Trilogy, but this time in crystal clear 4K Ultra HD.

There has been a whole host of changes in the new Mass Effect remaster, check out the official EA Website to see the difference between the original games and the latest remaster.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is available right now for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. Players will also receive over 40 DLCs across the Trilogy when they purchase the Legendary Edition.

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