Mass Effect Remastered Trilogy Reportedly Isn’t Releasing Until Next Year

Mass Effect Remastered Trilogy Reportedly Isn’t Releasing Until Next Year

Mass Effect is still said to be coming back with a new remaster collection, but it supposedly won't be arriving until 2021.

We’ve heard a lot about BioWare’s rumored remaster collection of the Mass Effect trilogy, but EA itself has yet to announce that the bundle even exists. Well, if a new report proves to be accurate, we’ve now learned why that probably is.

In a new article from GamesBeat, it has been purported that the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, as it will come to be known, has internally been booted back to 2021. While the collection was originally rumored to release this fall, EA and BioWare have supposedly been having some issues with the graphics and gameplay that the first game in the series boasts. By today’s standards, the original Mass Effect leaves a lot to be desired and the team working on the collection are trying to ensure that it can be reworked a bit. As such, the bundle has been delayed internally until next year in order to make sure that it reaches a higher standard.

While this might be disappointing to some longtime Mass Effect fans at face value, the news should honestly be encouraging. The fact that those that are working on this remastered collection are looking to make these games as accessible as possible in 2020 sounds great to me. Given how many lazy remasters that hit the market nowadays, I’ll gladly wait a bit longer for one that has been given some additional, much-needed attention.

There’s still a lot that we don’t know about Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, but the game is said to not be including the multiplayer from ME3. It will however be including all of the post-launch DLC from each entry.

As for the release date and platforms that Legendary Edition will be dropping on, we’ll have to wait a bit longer to hear back on that front.