Mass Effect and The Secret World Parody Game Welcome to Orochi Park Debut Trailer Releases

Mass Effect and The Secret World Parody Game Welcome to Orochi Park Debut Trailer Releases

Developer Anima Chambers' Welcome to Orochi Park gets a new trailer ahead of the imminent release of a playable demo.

Developer Anima Chambers has been working on its new title, Welcome to Orochi Park for the past two years. Today, the developer has revealed some major details about the interactive fiction strategy game along with a debut trailer.

Although Welcome to Orochi Park will not be finished for some time, the developer has revealed that this August (that’s next month!) players will be able to play through a sizeable demo of the game releasing on PC, Mac, and Linux. Chambers says that this demo “should give people a sense of what the game is all about.”

Welcome to Orochi Park tells the tale of the aftermath following various debilitating events throughout the world. London is decimated by a weapon of mass destruction, New York City sinks, and a war between the Templars and Illuminati flares as something horrific rises out of the sea. Players will control Templar-Marshal Celestine, commanding her remaining troops and firepower to restore some sanity to the world.

Anima Chambers is calling Welcome to Orochi Park “the most advanced Twine game ever made,” referring to the game engine created by Chris Klimas for interactive fiction titles.

The game began as a fan-made parody project of The Secret World, but soon became something else entirely. According to Chambers, The Secret World’s developer, Funcom, is aware of this game’s existence, and the team has received no Cease and Desist “yet,” but some of Funcom’s team has extended some support.  The gameplay has also been compared to Mass Effect by the developer.

For more information on Welcome to Orochi Park, you can visit the game’s official website. Otherwise, the brand new trailer has been provided for you below.