Mass Effect Trilogy Art Book Curiously Appears For Sale Amid Remaster Rumors

The Mass Effect Trilogy might be getting a remastered collection after all if a new art book that is slated to launch next year is any indication.

Even though it hasn’t been formally announced by EA or BioWare just yet, multiple reports have made the rounds this year indicated that a remastered collection of the Mass Effect Trilogy is finally set to come about at some point in the future. And while we have yet to hear anything more than rumors about that collection just yet, a new Mass Effect related item has now appeared for sale that might add credence to such speculation.

Over on Amazon, a new art book entitled The Art of the Mass Effect Trilogy: Expanded Edition has recently gone up for pre-order. The book is for sale for $39.99 and is slated to come out next year in February 2021. As for the description of the product, it is said to contain “hundreds of never before seen works of art, this new edition delves deeper than ever into the sci-fi saga that changed video games forever.”

The new content that is said to be included in this art book compared to previous ones that have released for the series seems to come in the form of expansive looks at add-on content. “Contains extensive new material from the DLCs for all three games–including the award-winning ‘Lair of the Shadow Broker’ from Mass Effect 2 and the fan-favorite ‘Citadel’ from Mass Effect 3,” the description on the item’s Amazon page goes on to say.

It’s important to note that just because this new art book for Mass Effect is slated to release next year, it doesn’t mean that the remastered collection for the trilogy is guaranteed to happen. The product description, in fact, makes no mention of such a remastered bundle. And considering that Mass Effect is still a highly-popular franchise years after first releasing, this could just naturally be a new art book that isn’t tied to any other happenings with the series when it comes to video games proper.

That said, the timing of this book’s reveal amidst rumors of the Mass Effect Trilogy being remastered are hard to overlook. Plus, if you were Dark Horse (who is the publisher of the book), then wouldn’t you want to release something like this in proximity to a newly remastered collection? That would make the most business sense, you’d have to think.

It remains to be seen if a remaster of all three Mass Effect games will indeed be coming about, and this art book might not be proof whatsoever that such a thing is happening. If we are slated to see a return of the trilogy, however, hopefully we hear about it in short order.

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