Massive Assures Fans That The Division Will Have a “Full-Fledged, Optimized PC Version”

on December 20, 2013 9:54 AM

In a new community Q & A, Massive discussed the PC version of their upcoming title Tom Clancy’s: The Division, in which they stated that it “won’t be a port” but will be a “full-fledged, optimized” version of the game.

The Q & A further delves into the Snowdrop engine, which was showcased at the VGX, and how its realistic lighting and particle system will affect gameplay and visuals. For instance, lighting changes depending on changes in the environment, which includes the time of day, whether you’re indoors or outdoors, etc:

The Division


The engine also allows for a detailed and large scale city to be rendered accurately:

The Division3

Another component is the shading, as environmental surfaces will change as weather changes during gameplay. This means that snow will melt eventually in realtime:

The Division2

Their destruction system is also very advanced; it reacts differently depending on the physical forces at play (glass shattering and wood splintering will look and behave very differently, for example):

The Division4

All in all, this sounds like The Division is shaping up to an excellent PC version of what looks to be a very already promising game.

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