Master Chief Voice Actor Doesn’t Think Pineapple Belongs on Pizza

Thank you, Master Chief

The neverending debate on whether or not pineapple belongs on pizza continues…or does it? With the help of Master Chief himself Steve Downes we may be able to end this pointless, yet fun debate to an end.

A Youtuber by the name of Greenskull requested the voice actor through Cameo request to say “that pineapple belongs on pizza,” as Sierra 117 and his response was quite the opposite. “That goes against everything I hold dear,” said Downes, “I think pineapple on pizza is an abomination. However, if it is ok with you, I guess it’ll have to be ok for me.” After receiving the response, Greenskull added the voice line over in Halo 3 gameplay and end result was nothing short of perfect. Shortly after the video goes dark, Chief appears again to say “Hawaiian Pizza is my favorite food on the Citadel,” still granting Greenskull request. A fun and silly gesture during a weird and sour-some time.

If you want a personalized video message from Master Chief himself you can do so on his Cameo page. Until the end of April, all of Downes proceeds will go towards Project C.U.R.E., an organization that helps distribute medical equipment to needed facilities during this pandemic. Countless other celebrities are doing something similar, so if you have the funds why not get a personalized message from a celebrity of your choice while also helping hospitals at the same time? It’s a win-win.

We can look forward to Downes returning to the role of Master Chief later this year in Halo Infinite, the latest entry in the Halo franchise. As of now, the game is still set to release the same day as the Xbox Series X which still only has a release window of Holiday 2020. Until then, we will just have to keep arguing about whether or not pineapple belongs on pizza (it doesn’t).

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