Master Chief Line Dances

Master Chief Line Dances

It seems that at the most recent 2010 Mummers Parade in Philly there was a special appearance made by 19 Spartans all ready to dance 6 Red, 6 Yellow and 6 Blue Spartans with one Silver Spartan with feathers. Watch as these Spartans dance battle during the parade and show you that there is more to the Spartans than just a regenerative shield and the ability to jack vehicles. Rather entertaining piece, but I wonder how many parade goers know what they were trying to represent?

I do have some questions after watching this video:

Why are all the Spartan dancers so short?

Why do they have feathers on their armor?

What are those peacock looking dancers that come in dancing at the end?

Also is the silver Spartan Jewish? (Watch the end of the video for his reveal)

[Via Kotaku]