Master Reboot Releases in March; Launch Trailer Unveiled

Previously announced to release on February 19th, Wales Interactive’s beautiful and trippy world of worlds is still coming soon, now set to release on March 4th to the PS3. To celebrate it’s imminent release, the launch trailer has been released and viewed below, showing off all of the beauty and horror players will face in the game.

For those unfamiliar with the game, Master Reboot is set in a world where a giant server called the Soul Cloud is used to house people’s souls and memories after they die…for a price. That’s where the player comes in. Your journey will begin when something goes terribly wrong during the process of uploading your memories to the Soul Cloud. Randomly and mysteriously waking up on a beach, your goal is to investigate both your life and death.

The game takes place on both a floating town and a host of buildings connected to the server, which will take players through about five to eight hours to complete, depending on how much of the world is explored. Wales Interactive also says that to fully unravel the story, players have to find all of the “blue ducks” in the game, which will help them uncover clues somehow. By the end of the story, Wales Interactive promises that players will learn the secrets of the Soul Cloud’s creation and who the player is, while experiencing a game built using psychological horror, engaging puzzle game play, mystery, and a unique visual experience.

For more on the game, check out the previously released Master Reboot screenshots, and of course the Master Reboot launch trailer and screenshots below.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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