Match-3 Battle Game Gems of War Releases on PS4 and Xbox One

Match-3 Battle Game Gems of War Releases on PS4 and Xbox One

From the original creators of Puzzle Quest, comes Gems of War, a match-3 battle game that released on PC and mobile a while ago.

The game released yesterday on Xbox One and PS4, coming to Europe on November 18, as a a free-to-play title. The battling aspect of the game is based upon your skill to match three similar colored gems, in order to gain spells, skulls and attacks to defeat your opponent.

Here’s part of 505 Games description of Gems of War:

Gems of War is set in a mystical world filled with powerful heroes where players must successfully complete hundreds of quests across 15 kingdoms. Gamers create a hero, collect new allies for their party, and fight epic battles while attempting to conquer the world of Krystara. Each kingdom captured holds new troops and quests to explore, as players strive to build the mightiest army in the realm. Battle other players in each respective kingdom to defend their titles and battle the greedy masses or opt to join a guild and fight alongside friends:

  • Collect and level-up over 130 different troops with unique spel
  • Build your hero party to create the ultimate battle warriors
  • Over 1200 Missions across 120 Quests
  • Includes Arena Mode with unlimited PvP battles
  • Unique PS4 Armor Sets: Shadow, Ebon, Obsidian Armor
  • Unique Xbox Armor Sets: Savage, Wild and Bestial Armor

The game’s size on both platforms is around 1.6GB.