Matterfall is 60fps on Both PS4 and PS4 Pro, But Only 1080p on the Latter

Matterfall is 60fps on Both PS4 and PS4 Pro, But Only 1080p on the Latter

Matterfall will posses the same frame-rate on both PS4 and PS4 Pro, but it will look just a little bit better on the supped-up Pro.

Matterfall, Housemarque’s upcoming sci-fi twin-stick shooter/platformer will run at 60fps on both PS4 and PS4 Pro, but will only be 1080p on the latter, while the former will run at 900p.

The news comes from Housemarque head of publishing Mikael Haveri who (via GamingBolt) revealed the above information, which seems to suggest that frame-rate was the priority and not resolution, which is typical of Housemarque games.


However, after delivering some PS4 greats like Resogun, Alienation, and more, as well as the well-received, June-released twin-stick shooter Nex Machinathe pressure is once again on the Finnish developer to deliver another quality product. That being said, regular ol’ PS4 owners who are stiflers for resolution, may be a tad crestfallen about the lack of 1080p support.

For those that don’t know: Matterfall — a Sony published game — has players weaponizing alien tech and playing as hero-for-hire, who must survive a series of side-scrolling intense war zones in vertical cities overrun by a mysterious “smart matter,” all in rapid-fire twin-stick gameplay. As with any Housemarque game the emphasis of Matterfall is not the narrative or even the presentation, as much as it is about the flow of an addicting gameplay loop.

Matterfall will cost $19.99 USD when it launches exclusively for PS4 on August 15th. While the game will be available physically in Europe, it will only be purchasable digitally everywhere else.