Matt's Angry About Video Games: 3DS Doesn't Respect Its Elders

There have been reports that when played on a 3DS, DS games will have a blur effect to cover up the hideous pixels and make room for the glorious polygonal master race. Of course until the 3DS was released in Japan a couple days ago, no one had seen how this would really affect gameplay.

Today 1Up received the 3DS in their offices and have been reporting like crazy on how the thing handles. They’ve received no games for the console yet, so Jeremy Parish decided to see what DS titles looked like on the new hardware’s screen. If you’re as much of a handheld fan as I am, prepare to be pissed off. Watch the video and check out my thoughts after the jump.In the first video, Jeremy chooses Contra 4, a title known for its beautiful pixel art, for his test run. Automatically the 3DS will stretch the DS game’s screen to fit its own. In this mode, to compensate for the HORRENDOUS pixels which remind us of a more horrible time in gaming, the screen will wash over with some kind of ugly blur filter. It’s like someone actually spit on your screen. I mean WHO wants to see pixels? Is it 1991? Go play your Atari Lynx if you want some crappy looking archaic bullcrap.

For the people who actually ENJOY those cave drawings, the 3DS does allow you to play DS games in a 1:1 pixel ratio display. For some reason this feature is hidden, as it should be. To access it the player must hold down the start and select buttons as the game boots up, causing a delay for the title screen. The area displaying the DS gameplay shrinks to directly replicate the DS’ pixel display one to one. Unfortunately with the 3DS’ higher resolution more pixels cover a smaller area causing the DS game screen to be even smaller than on a regular DSi. There really is no comfortable way to play DS games on a 3DS.

As a handheld gamer, this is disgusting. After initial reports of the 3DS’ screen resolution and seeing how great gameplay looked on it, I actually began saving some DS titles I’d meant to play for the 3DS. In a world where we have the DSiXL this kind of treatment of a console should be unacceptable. First Microsoft limits the number of Xbox titles playable on the Xbox 360, then Sony straight up takes away PS2 backwards compatibility from PS3 owners, and now Nintendo gives it to us, but kicks dirt in our eyes to play it. I really hope this doesn’t affect how Game Boy games look on the 3DS with its Virtual Console.

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Matthew Jay

Contributing writer for DualShockers, Matthew Jay is a comedy writer involved with the Philadelphia comedy scene. When he's not on stage trying to convince a room full of strangers to like him in under 3 minutes he likes to play and write about video games. Especially weird ones.

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