Max Anarchy...Keeping Bayonetta Style

It looks like another skin tight clothed, feisty, and sexy woman will be making another appearance in a Platinum Games and Sega video game. It is titled Max Anarchy for Japan (Anarchy Reigns for everywhere else) and features a provocative Mathilda. She is reported to be a 27-yeard old cyborg who wields a mace called “Iron Maiden.” Not much else was released (besides the game will come out sometime in 2011) but the trailer after the break looks pretty “soothing”. Enjoy!


Kyle Durant

Pretty much your above average gamer who plays games profusely and appreciates them even more. Been gaming since the NES but is in love with anything PlayStation. No I am not a typical fanboy...I appreciate each system for their strengths and recognize their weaknesses. I just love the PS brand. (Think along the lines as someone who likes to read but loves one author in particular). Ever since my time as #2 in the world at Resistance 2, I have taken video games much more seriously. Don't get me wrong, I am a laid back, fun guy to game with...but I always play to win.

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