Max Gentlemen Gets Dapper on Coming August 21st

Max Gentlemen Gets Dapper on Coming August 21st

The Men Who Wear Many Hats has announced that Max Gentlemen is releasing on August 21st for mobile and PC.

Described as an “old timey arcade action” game, the development team was inspired by those penis pill spam ads everyone receives in their email.

While the game is free-to-play, players have the option of purchasing extra characters and levels.

In Gentlemen, players will gather and pile hats during a Victorian-era environment, combined with “the over-the-top, pile-drive-your-mom aesthetics of professional wrestling.”

For example, “When you drink a beer, a hat will fly upon your head, because you deserve it.” It is a “world of extreme Victorian gents.”

The game will feature hat stacking “old timey” arcade action with over 39 collectable hats. Cross-platform local multiplayer between mobile and desktop platforms will provide for a variety of levels, characters and modes; and of course leaderboards.

Max Gentlemen will release for Android, iOS, and PC.

Check out the gallery below.