Max Payne 3 Delayed…Again!

June 8, 2010

Take-Two announced today, while going over their second quarter results, that the LONG awaited reboot, Max Payne 3, has been moved out of their fiscal year of 2010. This means that the earliest release date could be in November.

L.A. Noire and Mafia II will still be released this fall, but it seems that old Max is taking a back seat to the other Rockstar titles. This would bother me, but by now we all know that Take-Two/Rockstar know what they are doing and the fact that most of us are still playing Red Dead Redemption to occupy our time. The Max Payne story, however, means a lot to me though and I fear that all of these delays will cause gamers to lose interest. Are you still exciting by the return of Payne, or do you still care?

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