Max Payne 3 YouTube Swag Pack Giveaway

Max Payne 3 YouTube Swag Pack Giveaway

We’re giving away some awesome Max Payne 3 swag on our YouTube Page to celebrate its release on Tuesday, May 15th. Watch the video of what we’re giving away for more info.

To celebrate the release of Max Payne 3 we’re giving away some swag

1. Max Payne 3 T-shirt
2. Max Payne 3 Rifle bullet with a hidden pen.
3. Max Payne 3 Pill Box with his prescription printed on it
4. Max Payne 3/ Rockstar Stickers
5. Rockstar Bullet Shell T-shirt
6. Max Payne 3/ Rockstar Ash Tray
7. Tactical Duffle Bag for all your weapon-y needs
8. Extra goodies that Dianna has laying around (could be a game, an extra Tshirt– who knows!!)

1. Subscribe to our YouTube Page, and while you’re at it, Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.
2. Leave a comment on the video at our  YouTube Page and let us know how excited you are for Max Payne 3. If you’ve got the game already, let us know how you’re enjoying it so far.
3.Wait till May 18th!

Sorry International fans,  US ONLY. (We’ll hook you guys up soon, don’t worry.)

Winners will be chosen at random so make sure to check back!