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Five Predictions for Next Month's May 2021 Pokemon GO Community Day


Axew please!

April 11, 2021

April’s Pokemon GO Community Day has now come and gone, with millions of players (hopefully) nabbing themselves a shiny Snivy.

As April’s day is in the rear-view mirror now though, it’s time to look ahead to May.

With that in mind, here are five predictions for the Next Pokemon GO Community Day. You can read last month’s predictions at the link below.

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Okay, okay, I know I suggested Axew last time, but maybe May is the month?

Wreckfest | Stadia Release Trailer

Pokemon GO Community Day’s used to alternate – one month you’d have a starter Pokemon, the next you’d have a rare/Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon.

Although there aren’t many starters left to reinstate this pattern for a sustained period, I’d like to see it alternate between the two.

Plus trainers are desperate for Axew and Dragon-type Pokemon as a whole.



Sticking to the Dragon/Pseudo-Legendary theme, Gible would be a very welcome addition to the Community Day roster.

Although its shiny form has already been released, many players are desperate for it and having a Community Day move for Garchomp would shake up the meta nicely.



I like the idea of another double Community Day as we had with Electabuzz and Magmar recently and these two would fit the bill well.

They’re rare enough that it would generate hype, they have decent looking shiny forms and, given the right moves, could make their way into the PVP ranks.



What an introduction to the game this would be. Larvesta and its evolution, Volcarona, are a pair of very powerful Pokemon that aren’t in the game yet.

Throwing Larvesta straight into Pokemon GO with its own Community Day would almost certainly set the Pokemon GO world on fire. Literally and figuratively.


Let’s leave the most disappointing, and probably most likely until last.

While all of the other four would be amazing, they’re almost certainly a little wishful. Joltik on the other hand ticks a few boxes.

Its shiny form hasn’t been released yet, its evolution has its place in the meta and it’s not a Pokemon that Niantic could save for a marquee event further down the line.

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