Warzone: How To Get The Mayan Malediction Blueprint

Get the new blueprint now!

By Kyle Knight

March 15, 2021

If you’ve been waiting for the previously leaked Mayan Malediction Blueprint to appear in the Warzone and Cold War Store, the waiting is officially over as you can get the blueprint right now as a part of the Montezuma’s Curse Mastercraft Bundle.

For those that may not know, blueprint weapons in Cold War and Warzone are special weapons with camouflages and attachments that players can use even if they haven’t levelled up a gun and unlocked those specific attachments. So, if you’ve got a gun you really want to use but don’t have the time to level it up, you can simply use a blueprint with the attachments already there and ready to go!

How To Get The Montezuma’s Curse Bundle

You can get your hands on the Montezuma’s Curse Mastercraft Bundle by heading to the Store either in Cold War or Warzone and checking out the featured tab. It’s likely to be the first bundle you see, as it’s brand new. All you need to do is make sure you have at least 2,000 COD Points, and select ‘buy now’.

Congratulations, you’re now ready to rock the Mayan Malediction Blueprint and more cosmetics in Warzone and Cold War! 

What’s Included In The Bundle?

But what’s included in the new Mastercraft Bundle? Well, here’s what you’re getting for that 2,000 COD Points:

  • Mayan Malediction (Ultra Blueprint)
  • Aztec Assassins (Legendary Blueprint)
  • Emerald Idol (Legendary Charm)
  • Dorado Dasher (Epic Vehicle Skin)
  • Cursed Mask (Legendary Calling Card)
  • Mask of Madness (Legendary Emblem)
  • Ritual Sacrifice (Legendary Watch)
  • Royal Entrance (Epic Vehicle Horn)
  • 2 Tier Skips (Epic Battle Pass)

Why Ratchet & Clank is the Most Important PS5 Game

It’s worth noting that the Mayan Malediction is a blueprint for the Bullfrog SMG, and can only be used with that gun. The Aztec Assassin is a blueprint for the AUG Assault Rifle. The attachments on the weapon blueprints can be swapped out if they aren’t for your liking, but you will lose out on the special camo on the attachments if you change them.

And for those wondering, unfortunately, the camos on these weapon blueprints aren’t reactive.

Cold War and Warzone Season 2

The newest Season of Cold War and Warzone went live on February 25, and adds a whole lot of new content! Jump in right now and you’ll find a new battle pass, new points of interest across Verdansk, new weapons, and much more.

You can keep up to date with everything happening in Season 2 right here at DualShockers

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