MechWarrior Online Dev Blog Showcases Information Warfare

MechWarrior Online Dev Blog Showcases Information Warfare

Piranha Games published today a new Developer Diary of MechWarrior Online, focusing on information warfare.

The ability of every player to keep track of the position and movements of the opposing force will be strictly regulated by a Line of Sight/Detection rule. Enemy mechs that aren’t visible to the player or to his team mates will be invisible on the BattleGrid (the game’s tactical map).

Several detection tools will be available to increase a unit’s ability to detect enemy mechs, like Radar, Satellite Scans, UAV drones and  deployable detectors. Vision enhancers like Night Vision, Thermal Vision and Magnetometers will also be included, even if not all of them will be available at launch. 

Electronic counter measures will also be present in the form of spoofers, disruptors and surveillance tools. For more details you can check the full Dev Diary here.

If you’re wondering about the featured pucture, it’s an illustration by one of the lead artists of the game, Alex Iglesias, that seems to harbor a rather violent hatred for furries…