Mechwarrior Online Developers Reveal New MMO Transverse

Mechwarrior Online Developers Reveal New MMO Transverse

Piranha Games, developers behind Mechwarrior Online, have released a reveal trailer today for their latest game, Transverse.

The game looks to be set in the distant future where humanity has essentially transcended by solving mortality through the use of synthetic humans. These synthetics travel across space and have become enhanced and augmented beyond recognition to normal humans back on Earth. Now, these synthetics are out in a lawless section of the universe known as The Fringe and battling for supremacy.

Combat is based around flight with various roles for players to fill in what looks like a Battlestar Galactica inspired space cruisers. Customization appears to be a focus, as it was with Mechwarrior Online, but the real interesting bit seems to be the completely player ran economy. It should give the game what I can only describe as an EVE Online vibe, easily capable of creating lots of in-game drama between players with all sorts of emergent gameplay.

Currently, the developers are seeking funds to develop the game and are offering different bundles online that range from $30 to $250 with all sorts of goods ranging from digital copies of the game to t-shirts, spaceship blueprints and even your own hanger to store ships in. The different bundles are also similar to Star Citizen‘s funding, offering access to different styles of ships at the various different price points.

Transverse has no set release date, only the goal of delivering modules of the game starting in 2015, likely for beta testing. You can check out the reveal trailer below.