Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond Multiplayer Trailer Shows Off New Modes

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond Multiplayer Trailer Shows Off New Modes

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is out for VR headsets everywhere in a few days. Today, Respawn gave us a look at multiplayer.

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is Respawn’s upcoming virtual reality take on the classic franchise. We’ve seen a bit of the single-player story in action and it looks like it could be great. Today, Respawn shared a new trailer. This time, they’re giving us a look at the game’s multiplayer modes. You’ll notice quite a few standard FPS match types alongside a few new ones that could be great fun in VR. Give it a look below.

As mentioned, players will notice normal fare like Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Domination. There’s not much to write home about those. You’ve played them before, and now you can play them in VR. However, the other two modes are certainly worth talking about a bit more.

The first is called Mad Bomber. In this mode, it looks like you and your opponents are trying to set off bombs around the map. Mixed with the freedom of movement VR adds, I could see this being a fun test of your creativity. Do you duck under a bench to hide the bomb underneath? Or maybe you find a small nook in a room that’s tough to see. If this was just standard gameplay, it might not be as interesting. However, VR adds that extra pizzazz.

The second mode is Blast Radius, which seems to be taking cues from King of the Hill. We don’t have full details, but if it’s King of the Hill-style zones with rockets you can sign me up right now.

All told, it looks like a solid lineup for a VR game. The only real issue I can see is getting enough players in to make matchmaking easy. This being a VR game limits the audience. Hopefully, it blows up.

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond launches December 11.