GDC 2012: Medal of Honor: Warfighter Blurs the Line Between Fact and Fiction

By Alexa Ray Corriea

March 7, 2012

Last night at Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco, Danger Close lifted the lid on upcoming title Medal of Honor: Warfighter, slated for release later this year on October 23. Executive Producer Greg Goodrich of Danger Close took to the stage to present a live-action trailer — a cinematic reenactment of an actual hostage rescue mission in Isabela City, Basilan in the Philippines.

The game will conclude the traditional Tier 1 American operators as well as a few international special teams, such as the British Special Air Service and Polish GROM commandos, among many more. Goodrich promised “blue on blue” playlists for the multiplayer portions of the game, or “good guys against good guys,” pitting these special ops forces against each other.

“Honor, respect, and brotherhood. This is what Medal of Honor is about. And this is what players want,” said Goodrich. In keeping with this sentiment, Goodrich revealed that parts of the game have been scripted by two American special forces operatives, introduced to the crowd as Kevin and Tyler, in order to bring more authenticity to Warfighter. The two men kept a “Vent Book” in which they wrote down their grievances with the war and discussed how they would fight, were they in charge. Goodrich met these men in 2006 and upon reading their “Vent book” brought its content into the Medal of Honor fold.

Tyler is currently working on Warfighter as an associate producer, supervising weapons and kit authenticity and aiding in the direction of motion capture sessions.

EA then screened a brief demo from Warfighter, built in-house on the DICE Battlefield engine, with sound effects and cinematic features similar to Modern Warfare. Besides the familiar  aiming and shooting, grenade throws, and slow-motion action, the demo featured one command option: a menu that gave the player the option to open a door by applying explosives, grenades, or simply kicking it in. From there the demo took the player on a motorboat whizzing through the flooded, stormy streets of the city. The player could use a  mounted grenade launcher in this high-adrenaline escape scene, which ended with helicopters whisking them across the sea to safety.

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In the end, while it’s still the same army combat game at its core, Warfighter has taken a step to break the thin veil between reality and fiction by having real-life special ops pen the script. Not to mention the new engine used to render the graphics is borderline photo-realistic. Shooter fans won’t be disappointed. Check out the announcement trailer below.



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