Medarot Console Games Aren't Happening Anytime Soon

Medarot won't come back to consoles anytime soon, according to a 4Gamer interview with Imagineer's Unoue, the current key person of the franchise.

By Iyane Agossah

January 7, 2020

4Gamer published an interview with Unoue of Imagineer, the company publishing Medarot games. Unoue has been working at Imagineer since Medarot 2 released on Game Boy Color in 1999, and he’s the sole staff member who stayed at Imagineer until now. Unoue was the public relations manager from Medarot 2 to Medarot 5, and he’s now the key person regarding the Medarot franchise at Imagineer. As such, the interview works as a retrospective on the Medarot franchise and is extremely long, with 4Gamer’s journalist Marimera being a huge Medarot fan too, sharing her enthusiasm with Unoue. It’s pretty interesting to read if you’re a fan of stag beetle medal mecha fighting each other. Well, assuming you can understand Japanese.

Near the end of the interview, 4Gamer’s journalist Marimera asked Unoue if he wishes to make a new Medarot console game one day. He answered that he’s aware many fans wish to play a Medarot game on PS4, and how he agrees on how fun that would be. He mentioned how making a console Medarot game with current technology would definitely result in a smooth game. Unlike Medarot R on PS1, whose game flow was interrupted all the time by long loadings.

Unoue was also asked about a possible VR Medarot game, and he answered that it’s a waste that a series with so many cool mecha designs doesn’t have a VR game, but again heavily implied it’s not in the works. He jokingly said he wishes someone stepped up and made such a Medarot VR game.

While the interview never flat out denies the possibility of a new Medarot console game, the whole interview and Unoue’s tone only points toward the direction that nothing is coming anytime soon. Else I would have titled this story “Medarot New Console Games Teased”. Unoue also mentioned the fact that Imagineer stopped doing console games and decided to focus on mobile games now. And how everyone who worked on the old Medarot games at Imagineer left the company by now, and he’s the sole person who stayed behind. His experience with Medarot and his love for the franchise made him stay, and he hopes one day they might be able to do “something” again, but he doesn’t know what form it’ll take and if that day will ever come.

Medarot is the Japanese name of the Medabots mecha + RPG franchise. Medarot S, a new game for iOS and Android, is launching in Japan on January 23. The game is developed by SoWhat, a subsidiary of Imagineer. Medarot S‘ chances of leaving Japan are next to zero. You can check it out with its trailer below. Medarot S features new cute characters Arase Osumi and Hisaki Kaguya, along with the protagonists of the past games.

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The latest console games in the franchise are Medarot 9, which launched in 2015 on Nintendo 3DS. It was followed by Medarot Girls Mission in 2016 still on 3DS, a spinoff that featured a lot of sexual fanservice compared to the rest of the franchise. The last game was Medarot Classics on 3DS in 2017, a compilation of Medarot 1 to 5 with new elements, such as online functionalities.

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