Media Coalition Reports That the Link Between Gun Violence and Video Games is Flawed

on June 24, 2013 4:30 PM

Among recent outcry for more censorship on video games following several violent crime sprees, Media Coalition, a trade association that defends the First Amendment rights of mainstream media, issued a 13-page report today that discusses the relationship between gun violence and new media (specifically video games).

According to David Horowitz, Executive Director of Media Coalition:

Our report explains that when independent bodies review the research they find no studies that show that video games cause actual violence, and the studies that claim a connection between new media and aggression are flawed, in dispute, and ignore obvious explanations for their results.

Horowitz also stated:

The claim that video games cause violence has become a convenient narrative that is just not supported by the facts and is used as a crutch to avoid the more complex – if politically unpopular – issues

The full report, titled Only a Game: Why Censoring New Media Won’t Stop Gun Violence, detailing all the results from the study can be found here. The link also includes another Media Coalition study done back in 2000 called Shooting the Messenger: Why Censorship Won’t Stop Violence which examines both short and long term links between media (books,TV, music and games) and violent crime.

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