Media Create Charts: PlayStation Games Dominate, 3DS Still Wins Hardware, a PSP Game on Top

on September 11, 2013 9:11 AM

Like every other Wednesday, Media Create published its software and hardware sales charts, giving us a rather precise bird’s-eye view on the Japanese video game market between September the 2nd and September the 8th.

Here’s what the software top 10 looks like (new releases are bolded, while lifetime sales are in parenthesis):

  1. Uta no Prince Sama: MUSIC 2 PSP – 68,415 (68,415)
  2. Splinter Cell: Blacklist – PS3 – 22,425 (22,425)
  3. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle – PS3 – 19,720 (445,437)
  4. Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate – PS3 – 18,608 (18,608)
  5. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – PS3 – 12,336 (196,354)
  6. Tomodachi Collection: New Life – 3DS -11,814 (1,420,996)
  7. Mario & Luigi: Dream Team – 3DS – 11,466 (293,166)
  8. Killzone: Mercenary – PS Vita – 11,053 (11,053)
  9. Disney Magic Castle: My Happy Life – 3DS – 10,740 (255,309)
  10. Youkai Watch – 3DS – 9,539 (164,230)

And here’s the hardware chart:

  1. 3DS LL – 60,077
  2. 3DS – 19,114
  3. PS3 – 13,790
  4. Vita – 7,314
  5. Wii U – 5,702
  6. PSP – 5,493
  7. Wii – 978
  8. Xbox 360 – 201

This week shows a rather clear domination of PlayStation games, with six of them holding the top ten hostage and the top five completely painted blue. Of course this is going to change quite radically next week with the release of Monster Hunter 4, but this is how things look like for now.

SCE Japan Studio’s Puppeteer didn’t do too well, selling only 8,900 copies and ranking 12th, but it was a game mostly aimed to the PSN, so digital downloads may be better. Unfortunately we have no data on that.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn slipped in 5th position, but considering the fact that Square Enix had to suspend distribution as it prepares to introduce more servers, that’s not so surprising. Considering that the servers themselves are extremely crowded, I’d be curious to hear about the game’s total sales including digital and the PC version, but we’ll have to wait for Square Enix to release some information on its own there.

On the hardware side the 3DS still prints money in industrial quantities, while the Wii U is slipping lower and lower with absolutely no games on the top 20.

What’s most impressive is the result of Uta no Prince Sama: MUSIC 2. You read it correctly. A PSP game right on top of the charts. And we’re heading towards the end of 2013. Is your mind boggled yet? I know mine is.

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