Despite Skipping Sony’s Press Conference Media Molecule’s Dreams Is Still Alive and Coming

Despite Skipping Sony’s Press Conference Media Molecule’s Dreams Is Still Alive and Coming

Media Molecule's Dreams was not present at Sony Interactive Entertainment media showcase in Paris, but Siobhan Reddy confirms that it's still coming.

Many expected Media Molecule’s visionary game Dreams to make some sort of appearance at Sony Interactive Entertainment’s media briefing from Paris. Yet, it didn’t.

Coming out of the press conference, I heard quite a few journalist speculating about the project possibly being dead. Yet it isn’t.

During a press panel attended by DualShockers and held after the conference, Media Molecule Studio Head Siobhan Reddy talked about the game.

“I’m actually really excited about finishing Dreams, and what I’m really excited about is that the dream for a really long time has been to get what we’ve been working on out again, and out into the community, and see what people are gonna make with it.

We’re internally already making really cool stuff with it. I have made two games in the last couple of weeks, FYI… I just feel it’s going to be a creative explosion.”

Reddy also mentioned that at Media Molecule they’re really excited about VR, and they can’t wait to play with it, but the priority is finishing Dreams.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studio president Shuhei Yoshida was also at the panel, and he added that he would like to play Dreams in VR at some point. It would allow players to create something, and then be in that game themselves.

Yoshida-san is also looking forward to finally put the game in the hands of people, even just in beta form, to see what they will create, and what kind of creativity they will express.

No information was provided on when we’re going to see Dreams appear again, but at least we know that it’s still coming. Hopefully, Sony Interactive Entertainment will provide something more precise soon enough.

Dreams is a PS4 exclusive, and at the moment it has no specific release window.