Media Molecule Shows Off What You Can Do in Dreams in Just 10 Minutes

Developer Media Molecule took to Twitter during PAX West to have users request different quick builds in their upcoming title Dreams.

September 1, 2018

At PAX West, the team creating Dreams, Media Molecule, challenged users on Twitter to request a variety of different things for them to build in just under 10 minutes using the in-game engine.

You can check out all of their creations in the thread down below:

Some of the creations include a watermelon temple, a bird with too many legs, as well as a farm with dancing tacos, ghosts, and a cow for good measure. The team over at Media Molecule seems quite keen on showing off just how creative players will be able to get with the engine in Dreams. If the developers can craft these creations in such little time, it’s exciting to ponder over what players will be able to cook up once the full game is available. It’s seemingly a large step up from what we got in PS3’s Little Big Planet series.


You can check out some more footage of Dreams from PlayStation Underground earlier this year. Dreams is slated to come out this year exclusively for PS4. The title unfortunately still has no release date.

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