Media Molecule Working on “Multiple Projects on Different Platforms”

Media Molecule Working on “Multiple Projects on Different Platforms”

Media Molecule is working on Tearaway Unfolded for PS4, and on an unannounced project which was showcased at the PS4’s unveiling show, which is also on Sony’s new console. Yet, there might be more in the pipeline, as revealed by a new career opportunity ad seeking a UI Designer.

Media Molecule is looking for an incredible UI designer to help us make more amazing games!

This is a senior role, working across multiple projects on different platforms you will be responsible for promoting a human centered design approach throughout all aspects of Media Molecule’s prodigious output. Although primarily focused on game UI expect to get involved in all aspects of the creative process from pitching games through to tools development and game design.

As a passionate but pragmatic advocate of all things UX you will be able to suggest and deliver solutions that will make our games better. This will involve being thoughtful, flexible and able to collaborate in a small, tightly knit and ambitious team. You are an engaging talker, designer and presenter who will be able to nurture the fleck of an idea, getting buy in from your peers and then developing it into something that might just revolutionise the world of games.

Media Molecule definitely isn’t new to working on PS Vita, which is of course a prime candidate due to the fact that Media Molecule is a Sony first party studio, but the ad also lists between the preferred traits experience in making games on “web, mobile or console.”

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the new projects will be on mobile or web, because experience in UI design can translate pretty easily between platforms, and the designer might find himself working on web and mobile companion apps and portals anyway. Yet, it’s worth mentioning.

Incidentally, if you’ve always dreamed to work in the gaming industry but you have no idea on how to make art or code, but you’re an awesome chef, Media Molecule is looking for one. Who wouldn’t want to feed one of the most creative studios in the industry?