Media Molecule’s Dreams Gets More Info, Recommitment to Beta at PlayStation Experience

Media Molecule’s Dreams Gets More Info, Recommitment to Beta at PlayStation Experience

Dreams gets its second big announcement in two days, this time at PlayStation Experience 2017's Opening Celebration -- notably an upcoming beta.

For the past few years, the gaming community has only received piecemeal updates about Media Molecule’s Dreams, a title that seemed more “creation studio” than game. However, in the past two days we’ve gotten a wealth of information — including brand new info on the  trailer and an announced future beta at the PlayStation Experience 2017’s Opening Celebration.

Siobhan Reddy of Media Molecule took to the PlayStation Experience couch, noting that they are actively working on Dreams. She confirmed that everything in yesterday’s trailer was made in Dreams, whether we are talking animation, game logic, or visuals. Also, that the story mode shown is actually three interwoven stories: sci-fi, childhood fantasy, and a point-and-click adventure.

According to Reddy, you can create any type of game from racing to RPG’s. More importantly, Media Molecule re-confirmed their commitment to a beta sometime before launch — thought a concrete date hasn’t been revealed. Of course, this is well outside the original plan for the beta, which was originally planned around 2016.

Yesterday at The Game Awards 2017, Dreams got a terrific re-reveal with what looked like a story. More importantly, the game got a launch window — we can expect a release sometime in 2018.

For those out of the loop, Dreams was officially revealed at Sony’s 2015 E3 Press Conference, and we haven’t seen much outside of the occasional trailer or pack of screenshots. Despite rumors being passed around that the title had been cancelled, they made a few affirming statements that the game was alive and kicking. In fact, they will be getting a panel tomorrow.

As mentioned above, Dreams is available exclusively for PlayStation 4. Check out yesterday’s trailer below: