Media Molecule’s New PS4 Exclusive Involves “Gigantic Universe of Online, Live, Social, Connected Creativity” and More

Media Molecule’s New PS4 Exclusive Involves “Gigantic Universe of Online, Live, Social, Connected Creativity” and More

Apparently Media Molecule’s new PS4 exclusive game will be announced officially this year, but we can catch a glimpse on what it’ll entail thanks to a career opportunity ad for a Javascript Developer published by the studio.

The job, funnily labeled “Extreme mega magic front end wonder webs!” involves the following:

We are building the next generation of Play, Create, Share for Playstation 4 & the wider web. We’re looking to hire an experienced JavaScript Developer to help bring the project to life.

Our last ‘UGC’ game, LittleBigPlanet (and its sequels) included a bespoke server stack that serves terabytes of content to millions of users, and successfully scaled to huge concurrencies on its launch day. This is a unique opportunity to experience the explosive launch of a game that will reach millions of users.

Now we want to take user generated content to places that other game developers daren’t even imagine. Our next game – teased during the PS4 announce, involves a gigantic universe of online, live, social, connected creativity.

We’re looking for people who have experience writing and deploying large web applications; ‘full-stack’ is a trendy word but we really do value people who understand all the pieces that make up a successful, large scale product that reaches a huge audience. You’ll probably have extreme Javascript ninja skills, capable of making the front-end sing, but won’t be afraid to help us design and implement everything from user-facing pixels to server-facing databases, developer facing (automated) tools & tests, and vegetable facing graters.

We’re in an exciting time of development at the moment – if you’re a backend ninja, a DevOp superstar, or a distributed systems guru who gets a little hot’n’sweaty at the mention of Operational Transformation then you should get in touch anyway and tell us how amazing you are.

The ad mentions specifically that this game is the mysterious one teased during the PS4 presentation show. It’s intended to be a “large scale product that reaches a huge audience” and apparently it’ll involve a web application to enhance connectivity and a “gigantic universe of online, live, social, connected creativity.”

That sounds pretty promising, doesn’t it?

A second ad, seeking an Audio Programmer, and labeled “Making our super secret new super game sound super superb!” is also very interesting:

We are looking for an experienced Audio Programmer to contribute towards making one of our exciting new projects sound amazing and do ingenious things that will leave other games blushing.

This is not your typical audio programming position and, as such, we’re not looking for someone whose experience consists solely of game audio engine/middleware wrangling and implementation duties – the ideal candidate will have a passion for and be well versed in the development of both software instruments and musical UX.

As an integral part of the critically acclaimed and award winning audio team at Mm, this role is focused on realising the music-centric audio features in the game. This is a position for someone with a passion for doing pioneering work and creating world-class experiences that push the boundaries of interactive audio.

We’re not just looking for a programmer who “does some audio”, we’re looking for an exceptional individual who is passionate about the potential of audio and music creation in interactive entertainment and can have an impact on our project by manifesting innovative, cutting edge work that exceeds all of our expectations.

The main pace specifies that we’res still looking at work on PS4 (most probably on the same game featured in the previous ad), but the wording here seems to indicate that Media Molecule may have multiple projects in the pipeline.

Apparently this project will also try to innovate the use of audio and music creation in interactive entertainment, even if we’ll have to wait and see exactly how. Interestingly, the requirements also include:

A broad skill set which allows you to excel at both techy “under-the-hood” stuff as well as more player-facing audio features (i.e. this role has a significant design/UX element to it).

Strong interest in music and a solid understanding of music theory to assist in the development of music-based features, with demonstrable and proven experience of this.

This seems to confirm that the player will actually be the one performing or somehow creating the music, and will be provided with the use interface to do so.

Color me intrigued. Media Molecule games are known to be extremely creative, and this one seems to bring the word “creative” to a whole new level.