MediEvil Release Date Announced, Arrives in October

Sir Daniel is back and is coming to a PS4 near you later this year.

May 9, 2019

During Sony’s second-ever edition of State of Play, new information regarding the PS4 remake of MediEvil was divulged, as was promised earlier in the week.

What we saw of MediEvil during State of Play took the form of a new trailer. The video shows off not only more gameplay for MediEvil but also some of the game’s recreated cutscenes. Sir Daniel himself, the game’s main character, has a fantastic new model that still resembles the personality he has from the original title.

Likely the biggest piece of information in this entire trailer though is that we finally have a release date for the title. After first being revealed back at PlayStation Experience in 2017, it has now been confirmed that MediEvil will launch on PS4 on October 25. I had a feeling that Sony would opt to release the game right around Halloween and I wasn’t wrong.


In my own opinion, I have concerns about how MediEvil will have aged in 2019. The remake itself, at least in terms of the visual overhaul, as seen in this new footage is quite impressive. That said, I’m wondering whether or not the classic title will translate well to modern times when it comes to gameplay. I guess we’ll find out later this year.

Below you can check out the new trailer for MediEvil that debuted during State of Play if you’re interested. We should see more of the game in action in the coming months as we near its release.

Logan Moore

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