MediEvil Short-Lived Demo Expanded and Re-Released

Today, the Short-Lived Demo for the MediEvil PS4 remake has been re-released with additional content just in time for Christmas.

Following September’s State of Play, a “Short-Lived Demo for MediEvil was released by Other Ocean Interactive and Sony Interactive Entertainment. Its title had a double meaning as not only was the demo quite short, only letting players experience the very start of the game, but it was taken down before the launch of the remake. Fortunately for those who missed it, you now have another shot to play an expanded version of it.

Sony unveiled the new version of the demo today on PlayStation Blog, claiming to have brought it back in the spirit of PlayStation’s 25th anniversary. The demo has been expanded as well and now lasts all the way through the Graveyard and Hilltop Mausoleum areas until the fight with the stained glass demon. The re-release of the Short-Lived Demo also means that Sir Dan’s Helmet, the special item players are rewarded with for completing the demo, can be obtained once more by those who missed it the first time around. The PlayStation Blog post also delves into how Other Ocean Interactive recreated Dan’s model for the MediEvil remake and is worth a glance if the behind the scenes development of games intrigues you.

The timing of the Short-Lived Demo’s re-release is great too as it came just in time for Christmas, so anyone who receives a PS4 that day can try it for free. Hopefully, the demo stays up permanently this time. MediEvil is currently available for PS4 and can be picked up on Amazon. 

Tomas Franzese

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