The Medium Developer Has No Plans to Port to Current-Gen Consoles

The game seems to make heavy use of "CPU and GPU for the interactions between the real world and the spirit world."

The Medium is an upcoming next-generation game being developed by Bloober Team and the developer has been pretty adamant that the game wouldn’t be possible on current-generation consoles.

In a new interview on Xbox, producer Jacek Zięba talks about the upcoming title, once again clarifying that this game seems to only be possible on next-generation. He says “thanks to the next-generation hardware, we can realize our vision for The Medium at all.” He continues, “Of course, theoretically, you could rescope any game idea, but in our case it would mean completely changing the core game features.”

Jacek reiterates that the power of the Xbox Series X helps with creating realistic graphics, but the team’s main focus is on gameplay, saying that”Thanks to the power of Xbox Series X, we can develop the game the way we have always envisioned it.”

At the moment, not much is known about these mechanics Bloober Team is implementing in The Medium, but we do know that players will play as a medium who ventures to a hotel where a child was murdered. Players will have access to both worlds, allowing them to investigate what happened — I imagine? Jacek says, “We’re putting a lot of effort into creating a heavy, disturbing atmosphere in the game.” and wants to immerse the players in both of these worlds.

The team seems to be using “CPU and GPU for the interactions between the real world and the spirit world.” He explains that before the Xbox Series X, it was “an uphill battle to keep the game immersive and cinematic despite obvious breaks,” but thanks to the power of the Xbox Series X, it “makes that problem go away.”

While most games announced for the Xbox Series X or PS5 have also revealed the games will be available on current-generation consoles, for Bloober Team, “We don’t have any porting plans for current-gen consoles” he adds, “the Xbox Series X will offer the experience we always meant for the game.”

Personally, it sounds to me as if players will be able to shift between the two fully explorable worlds at will with no loading times. I imagine gameplay will somehow require you to shift between worlds to overcome obstacles that are present in one world but passable in the other. Who knows, we’ll have to wait on Bloober Team to reveal exactly how The Medium plans to immerse players with this next-generation and PC only feature.

The Medium will be arriving on Xbox Series X and PC.

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