Meet Bioshock Infinite’s Speaker for the Dead, the Siren

on March 27, 2012 3:00 PM

Irrational Games have revealed the fourth and final “heavy hitter” (at least of what they’re going to show us) for Bioshock Infinite and this one is just as creepy and amazing as those that came before. Say hello to the Siren, a flowing ghost-like figure who can raise your dead enemies back to life to fight again. As with the other “heavy hitter” enemies this creates the question in battle of who to strike first.

Check out the trailer after the break for all the awesome details on this new beasty and keep your eyes peeled for more information on Bioshock Infinite. Everything I see about the game makes me want it more and more and with all of these great enemy designs I’m hoping if they ever get around to making a movie based on this installment they give Guillermo Del Toro a call. 

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