Meet Far Cry 5’s Characters

Meet Far Cry 5’s Characters

Learn more about Far Cry's Pastor Jerome, Nick, and Mary via new character descriptions.

Earlier this morning, Ubisoft officially unveiled Far Cry 5 to the world via an announcement trailer and three character trailers. And while all four trailers offer up a look at some of the game’s characters: they don’t provide up many official details. That being said, over on the game’s official website, said details have arrived.

In Far Cry 5 you’re facing off against an armed, radical cult based within Christianity called The Project at Eden’s gate. They are crazy. And more importantly they have sunk their claws deep into Hope County, Montana, where the game takes place. The good news is you don’t have to face them alone, as the good people of Hope County who have not been swallowed up by the cult: want it gone as much as much as you do, and as you show them that resistance is possible, some will come to your side combat as Guns for Hire.

Unlike the last few games, Guns for Hire “aren’t disposable mercenaries or interchangeable rebels – they’re members of the community with personalities and special skills, and you can recruit up to three allies at a time to support you in battle against Eden’s Gate.” To provide an idea of who you’ll be able to recruit, Ubisoft provided the following overview-type look at three characters available and revealed so far: The Pastor, Jerome Jeffries, Mary May Fairgrave, and Nick Rye.

The Pastor, Jerome Jeffries

Jerome was Hope County’s parish priest for more than 15 years, and was one of the first in the community to befriend Joseph Seed, the founder of The Project at Eden’s Gate. Before long, Jerome’s flock left to follow Joseph, and Jerome tried to take it in stride – until Eden’s Gate locked down the county. Not only did Jerome lose his church, but he was beaten and left for dead in the woods. Jerome survived and vowed to protect the cult’s intended victims, and as a Gulf War vet, he’s got the training and experience to lead Hope County back to the light.


Mary May Fairgrave

A lifelong resident of Hope County, Mary May used to own and operate her family’s saloon, The Spread Eagle. The bank foreclosed on the place after her parents died and money ran short, however, and Eden’s Gate took it over for pennies on the dollar. Watching the cult swallow up her birthright is a bridge too far, and she’s ready to take back the Eagle – and Hope County – by any means necessary.


Nick Rye

Nick comes from a long line of military pilots, and his decision not to enlist created a deep rift between him and his father. Instead, Nick took up the family legacy in a different way, waging war against farm pests as a cropduster pilot and trying to start a family with his wife, Kim. Lately, though, Eden’s Gate has been making his life difficult through its aggressive attempts to buy his cropdusting business, and as the situation in Hope County heats up, it seems war has finally come to Nick’s doorstep. And this time, he’s answering the call.


Ubisoft has said that there are more of these characters in the game, and that they will be revealed in the future. How many we should expect: wasn’t divulged. All three of these characters can be seen in the character trailers linked above.

Far Cry 5 is set to release on February 27, 2018 for PS4, PC, Xbox One, PS4 Pro, and Scorpio. If you want, you can check out our preview of the game here and our interview with the game’s creative director here.

Additionally, you can check out the game’s preorder bonuses and special editions here (they are even available for purchase already).