Meet James Heller, Prototype 2’s Protagonist

on April 21, 2011 3:00 PM

Meet James Heller, Prototype 2's ProtagonistMeet the protagonist of Prototype 2: James Heller. Wondering where Alex Mercer is? Oh, he’s the villain. It makes sense really…in the first game you built him up with all that power, what do you expect him to do in the sequel; just have some lame power-removal that starts him back at level one? What did you think this is, Mega Man? It’s very a interesting choice in that you’re not just taking people’s word on how powerful the main boss is, you know first hand how tough he is.

A video with the developers explaining the thoughts behind this decision is included after the break, and even features some pre-Alpha gameplay for you to ogle. On a side-note, why does everybody who gets infected by the virus like this always have to wear some kind of cool jacket? A virus with a fashion sense, who knew?

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