Meet Presea and Zelos in New Tales of Symphonia Chronicles Character Trailers

Meet Presea and Zelos in New Tales of Symphonia Chronicles Character Trailers

With Namco Bandai Games Europe’s upcoming Tales of Symphonia Chronicles so close to release — due to arrive to Western shores on February 288th later this month — the game is coming real soon, but the common gamer may not be too familiar with its story or characters.

Enter today’s character trailers, which were created by NBGE with the help of Tales series fan Julien Fontainier (@JulienFontanier) and can be found below, and which showcase both Presea Combatir and Zelos Wilder.

On their backstory, the following were information was released:

Presea Combatir:

Age: 12 Gender: Female Height: 138cm (4’6″) Weight: 24kg (53 lbs) Class: Axe Warrior

When Presea wanted to do wood chopping for her sick father, she started wearing an Exsphere, unaware of its negative effects on her body. She was originally a bright-eyed, carefree girl, but the Exsphere has caused her to lose her humanity and become unsociable and withdrawn.

Zelos Wilder:

Age: 22 Gender: Male Height: 179 cm (5’10”) Weight: 68kg (150 lbs) Class: Magic Swordsman

A playboy and constant wanderer with no fixed job. An unparalleled flirt with a smooth tongue, he can often be found hitting on girls, but his advances are always taken with a grain of salt. However, despite his easygoing attitude, it seems that he is shouldering a great responsibility…

Tales of Symphonia Chronicles is a remastered bundle of the PS2 version of Tales of Symphonia (which was originally released on the GameCube), and the Wii sequel, Tales of Symphonia: Ratatosk no Kishi (or “Dawn of the New World”). For more on the franchise, check out all of our Tales of Symphonia news, especially (the story trailer).

Presea Trailer