Meet the Endermen: Minecraft’s Horrifying New Mob

on July 29, 2011 5:00 PM

Ask anybody what Minecraft is about and you’ll get a very different answer. But one thing will be shared in common: the game takes place in a horrible nightmare world inhabited by the most horrible things imaginable. You thought the Creeper was bad? Meet the Endermen, a new mob that will be implemented in the Adventure Mode update.

The Endermen are three meters tall (each block is one meter, and your character is two) with long slender limbs. They’re a passive mob, content to stand in the distance moving blocks around. That is until the moment you stare directly at them, at which point they halt all movement, freeze in place and stare at you. As soon as you look away they turn hostile, rushing towards you and attacking you. If they’re too far away, they’ll even teleport towards you to close the distance.

Hello, Endermen. Welcome to my nightmares. Check out Notch’s blog for more information on these terrible beasts and the decisions behind their design.

[Word of Notch]

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