Meet the Protagonists of Pokemon Legends: Arceus

There are a number of colorful new characters awaiting in the Hisui region.

January 28, 2022

One section of the altered Pokemon blueprint present in Pokemon Legends: Arceus is the character you will play during gameplay and the roles of other personalities around you.

We provide a much-needed introduction to the protagonists you will be seeing a lot of throughout your Hisui journey and the supporting characters that will appear along the way.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus will be set within an ancient expanse of the Sinnoh region, where your task will be to “survey, catch, and research the wild Pokemon of the long-gone era” and complete the Pokedex at hand with a handful of new mechanics to set this game apart from the classics.

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Meet the Protagonists

The two, main protagonists of the game are named, Akari and Rei, and which protagonist you choose at the beginning of the game will determine which one accompanies you as your team member.

Akari and Rei are introduced as members of the Galaxy Expedition Team from Jubilife Village.

The Galaxy Team is a division of the Survey Corps (no, not an Attack on Titan reference) driven to learn about every species of Pokemon within the Hisui region.

Image from Nintendo.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Character Roster

Galaxy Team

Professor Laventon

Professor Laventon sort of stands in for Professor Oak in his mission to create a complete Pokedex.

Image from The Pokemon Company / Nintendo.

Captain Cyllene

Leader of the Galaxy Team’s Survey Corps, Captain Cyllene is a tough nut to crack due to her strict nature.

Image from The Pokemon Company / Nintendo.

Commander Kamado

Aside from carrying a traditional-styled design, Commander Kamado is the big boss of the Galaxy Team and has earned the trust and respect of its members.

Image from The Pokemon Company / Nintendo.

Diamond and Pearl Clans


Adaman is the leader of the Diamond Clan alongside his Pokemon, Leafeon. He is usually seen butting heads with the head of the Pearl Clan, as their methods do not normally align.

Image from The Pokemon Company / Nintendo.


Irida, on the other hand, is the leader of the Pearl Clan partnered with her Pokemon, Glaceon. Her suspicious nature is bound to ease once you prove yourself as a Survey Corps member.

Image from The Pokemon Company / Nintendo.

Ginkgo Guild Merchants


Ginter is the leader of the Ginko Guild and players will be able to purchase rare and special items from him.

Image from The Pokemon Company / Nintendo.


The second member of the Ginkgo Guild is Volo, who can often be seen scouting the Hisui region for unusual occurrences.

Image from The Pokemon Company / Nintendo.



Mai guards the special Pokemon, Wyrdeer, in the Obsidian Fieldlands with her companion, Munchlax.

Image from The Pokemon Company / Nintendo.


Lian looks after Kleavor, known as “the lord of the Obsidian Fieldlands,” and is an ambitious, young warden.

Image from The Pokemon Company / Nintendo.


Iscan protects the special Pokemon, Basculegion, by the sea and tends to be wary of Ghost-type Pokemon.

Image from The Pokemon Company / Nintendo.


Lastly, Arezu is in charge of guarding a special Lilligant and is not afraid to undertake a lot of responsibility as a warden.

Image from The Pokemon Company / Nintendo.
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Gym Leaders’ Absence Explained

Veteran Pokemon fans will likely notice very quickly that there are no gyms to conquer in this game, meaning there are no gym leaders to meet either.

As Pokemon Legends: Arceus focuses more on the study of Pokemon, battling them in gyms to earn badges is not active during this period of time.

Instead, the Wardens are in place to protect and care for special noble Pokemon, and during your adventure, you will be able to aid them or battle them. 

By Jo Craig – [email protected]

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is now available worldwide.

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