Mega Drive Mini Is Based on “New and Improved” AtGames Technology

Mega Drive Mini Is Based on “New and Improved” AtGames Technology

The newly-announced Mega Drive Mini is based on AtGames technology, even if it's a "New and improve" version, which will also come west.

Following the announcement of the Mega Drive Mini earlier this morning, AtGames Flashback Zone confirmed on Twitter that the palmtop version of the console is based on an improved version of its technology.

For those unfamiliar, AtGames is a company known for manufacturing a range of “flashback” consoles, including the Genesis.

That being said, as mentioned above, they did say that the tech used on the Mega Drive Mini is “new and improved,” which means that users should probably expect a better experience compared to the Sega Genesis Flashback console.

The tweet also mentions that the same tech will come to the United States and other territories later this year, even if there is no mention of what form it will take.

AtGames also mentioned in further Twitter dialogue that they’ll let Sega talk about the “extended feature-set” when they’re ready, but they don’t think users will be disappointed. They also acknowledged skepticism due to the Genesis Flashbacks not-exactly-stellar track record but hinted that people might change their minds once reviews for the Mega Drive Mini come out.

If you want to see more about the Mega Drive Mini, you can also check out the small teaser trailer showcased by Sega itself.