Mega Man Fan Project “Mega Maker” Aims to Let Players Build their Dream Levels

Mega Man Fan Project “Mega Maker” Aims to Let Players Build their Dream Levels

Mega Maker is a Mega Man fan project quite similar to Super Mario Maker.

Mega Maker is a fan project that draws a ton of inspiration from Nintendo’s very popular Super Mario Maker. 

“Mega Maker is a fan game where you can create and share your own Mega Man levels. You can make a traditional stage, a series of puzzle chambers or even an automatic level, anything goes! On top of that, you can play one of many levels uploaded by other users, allowing you to create and customize your very own Mega Man experience.”

The project aims to let players create and share their very own Mega Man levels with friends and other players from across the world. Players will also have the ability to rate each others’ levels and customize their own profile online.

You’ll be able to take assets from Mega Man one through six. It’ll also feature controller support as well as a tutorial to help you get started.

The game will feature:

  • 46 enemies
  • 29 level objects
  • 12 bosses
  • 24 special weapons
  • 40 backgrounds
  • 129 tile-sets
  • 63 music tracks

Mega Maker is set to release on July 15 exclusively on PC, even if its nature as a fan project means that an actual release is not exactly set in stone.

On the other hand, Capcom is releasing the Mega Man Legacy Collection 2, featuring Mega Man 7, 8, 9, and 10. That game will be available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on August 8.

Below you can check out the official trailer for Mega Maker. You can visit the project’s official website right here  to learn more about it.