God of War Meets Mega Man in Nordic Concept Art

Two iconic characters in a cross over created by artist Marco Plouffe and someway somehow Mega Man found his way to God of Wars' Midgard.

By Portia

May 11, 2019

We all know of Mega Man, the blue-bombing robot who kicks butt and consistently delivers the world from the grips of Dr. Wiley. We also all know God of War, and the Nordic makeover that Kratos received in his PS4 debut. But what if someone merged both together — a combination of sci-fi and historical garb.

Lucky for us, there is an artist out there already combining these two great video game characters. Artist, Marco Plouffe combined Mega Man and God of War and Kratos’ nordic aesthetic together to create a great render of what a more historical or magic-based Mega Man game would look like. This recreation of Mega Man looks as if the hero grew up in harsh times, battling more than just monsters, but also fighting for his life.

Credit: Marco Plouffe

Imagine Mega Man growing up in the world of Midgard, he would be more than just a little tough and he could probably be on Kratos level. Okay, I’m just kidding no one is on Kratos level, at least not to me. Marco has also recreated a hybrid Alien version and a Dark Souls recreation, and I can honestly say I’m starting to imagine Mega Man in a whole new light.

You can check out more of Marco’s work on his site on ArtStation, and if you haven’t played God of War yet, well… what are you waiting for? DualShockers gave God of War a 10 out of 10, noting it easily takes the throne of the best game in the series. Meanwhile, Mega Man 11 didn’t manage to set the world on fire, but it was another great installment in an already legendary series.

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