Review: Mega Man II (iPhone)

Review: Mega Man II (iPhone)

I have to admit that I did not know that Mega Man II was available for my iPhone until a buddy of mine came by and showed me the demo. Once I got the demo in my hands and heard the opening music I knew I needed this game. I quickly played through the demo “Wood Man” level and blasted my way through to the boss; which brought a great smile to my face as I decimated him. Is Mega Man II worth a purchase or should you stick to just the demo?

This is a direct port of the Mega Man II classic from my days of playing on the NES. This game on the iPhone handles itself better than any emulator I have played to date. Expect to battle the same bosses that you are accustomed to: Bubble Man, Wood Man, Air Man, Quick Man, Flash Man, Metal Man, Crash Man, Heat Man and of course culminating with Dr. Wiley. All the boards are exactly as I remember them down to the enemies, the only thing that was made a bit easier were the boss battles.


Mega Man II Heat Man Level

This version of Mega Man can be played either portrait or landscape which gives players a nice option. The portrait view give s you a great arcade classic look with two bright red buttons and a red arcade stick, while the landscape looks more like a classic NES controller. The colors and music are spot on and really brought all of my childhood memories of Mega Man right back. One awesome new function is the ability to continue from the last boss you defeated, this means no more long codes to input. Each board is about 5 minutes long barring deaths and do overs, which makes it perfect for traveling and short bursts of fun.

The controls in this game are both rewarding and frustrating much like Mega Man the game. Mega Man is a game where a miss-timed jump means you are starting over a level or throwing your phone across the room. The controls work very well, but because there is a lack of feel to where the buttons are occasionally I would run off a ledge when I missed pressing the jump button. The controls are perhaps the only minor flaw to this title, but that is because you cant feel the buttons. Once you get a good feel for the controls then it is just a matter of timing jumps and gaps correctly.

Mega Man II Panther

The game rarely slowed down except for when my battery dipped below the 20% mark, but I think that was more a function of my phone gasping for energy. There is a Lite demo version of this game available so grab it now and try out the controls, this might take some getting used to. Mega man II Mobile is well worth every penny for any die hard Mega Man fan. It is a must have for any iPhone owner wanting some on the go action. Capcom Mobile really out did themselves with this classic game!