Mega Man Legends 3 Development Screens

Many wouldn’t necessarily consider this to be “news,” including myself. But, I still thought it would be cool to share with you.

Mega Man Legends 3 is the long-awaited sequel to the beloved and relatively obscure PlayStation MML series from Capcom. I happen to love the first game and can’t wait for the third entry. I’m also enough of a game industry geek to get excited at the littlest bits of info that give us some insight into the creation process of a video game.

Andriasang has some early development screens that probably look nothing like what we’ll see in the finished product, but are still cool. Most of the textures were slapped on as placeholders, and the Mega Man model is from a different game all together. The screens still give a good idea as to what kind of feel Capcom are going for in this title and the NPCs and some vehicles shown look pretty finished. They retain that cartoonish, pre-cel-shading look the first two games had.

Check out the rest of the photos after the jump.Mega Man Legends is the lesser known sect of the Mega Man lore because of what a departure it is from other MM games. While many long time fans of Mega Man rejected its cartoon-y look and open world gameplay, the series found a whole new audience. Mega Man Legends is relatively easy to find for cheap, but 2 is ridiculously rare and expensive. The game had the poor luck of being released on the same day as the PlayStation 2. Poor guy never had a chance. Unfortunately this means many people (including myself) will go into the third entry in the series without ever having played the second. Let’s hope Capcom releases it on the PlayStation Network as a PSOne Classic or something by 3‘s release. Gamers can also track down a copy of the Japanese PSP re-release which compiles both titles onto one UMD.

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