Mega Man Music Gets Gorgeous Vinyl Release

Spanning six discs, this boxset features 152 tracks of Mega Man bangers.

All of the great Mega Man music in one place? Yes, please. All of it on gorgeous blue vinyl? Wowza. Laced Records is now selling a limited edition boxset that captures every great Mega Man song, from Flash Man’s theme to Acid Man’s and everything in between.  The boxset doesn’t come cheap–it’s $110–but you’re getting 152 tracks and six discs of 180g “Mega Man Blue” vinyl. Pre-orders are open now, and the vinyl will ship in December.

Perhaps the coolest thing about this release, though, is all of the great artwork it includes. The art style catches the cartoonish-yet-cool style of the Mega Man series, and there’s a lot of it. Not only does the outside of the box feature the whole Mega Man team, but each of the six disc sleeves features unique artwork as well. Ultimatemaverickx is given credit for the artwork on this release.

Laced Records distributes video game soundtracks exclusively, and they’ve worked on some big titles already. They released vinyl for the classic DOOM and Hotline Miami soundtracks, and earlier this year they brought us the Bloodborne soundtrack on vinyl. Furthermore, Laced has extensive history working on Capcom games, specifically. They have already produced records for Resident EvilResident Evil 2, and Devil May Cry 5. There’s no word yet on a Monster Hunter World soundtrack, but I’m sure it’s in the pipeline somewhere.

However, the vinyl editions of almost all of the games mentioned above are now sold out. Clearly, demand for these Laced Records releases is sky-high, so if you’re wanting this Mega Man music as a centerpiece, you’d better go ahead and order it now. There’s no telling if the stock will last much longer.

Mega Man games have been gathered in the Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 & 2, and this collection is available on all platforms. Mega Man 11 is not included, but it is also playable on all platforms.

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