Mega Man Pop! Vinyl Figures and Fallout 4 Mystery Minis Coming Soon from Funko

on June 8, 2016 1:25 PM

For several years, Funko’s line of Pop! Vinyl figurines have brought fans from movies, television, video games, and every other corner of pop culture some of the most beloved (and obscure) characters, with the line bringing over characters from one of gaming’s classic franchises.

Funko announced that a new line of Pop! Vinyl figurines will be debuting featuring characters from the Mega Man series, with the new figurines to include Mega Man, Rush, Proto Man, and Dr. Wily in miniaturized (and adorable) form.

In addition to the figurines coming from the Mega Man series, Funko will also be bringing a new line of Mystery Minis with the cast of Fallout 4, including many familiar faces from Bethesda’s latest game including the Lone Wanderer, Hancock, Preston Garvey, and many others.

The Mega Man collection of Pop! Vinyl figures will be coming this summer, while the new Fallout 4 Mystery Minis will be arriving in October of this year. In the meantime, you can check out several photos of both collections below:

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