‘Mega Man Universe’ Trademarked Filed by Capcom

‘Mega Man Universe’ Trademarked Filed by Capcom


I’m currently devoting whatever free time I have for myself to replaying the entire Mega Man X series. I bought the Mega Man X Collection for the PS2, and then decided to order the other two atrocious sequels – X7 and X8 – from Amazon.com only because I need to finish the series in its entirety. It might sound pathetic, but I’m an avid Mega Man fan — I’m sorry. But any Mega Man fan out there can sympathize with me; Mega Man is just… awesome.

Now, for some time, fans of the Mega Man series (including X) have been eagerly anticipating a long-awaited announcement with regards to a next-gen installment. Who wouldn’t want to bear witness to Mega Man in high-definition? It seems, my fellow Maga Man followers, that our cries of despair and hope have finally been answered. Capcom recently filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office a little something known as “Mega Man Universe.” Details of the game, however, remain as mysterious as Mega Man’s shoe size – and we know what some people speculate about guys with big feet right? Yep, that shoes are harder to come by and, at times, a bit more expensive.

The Mega Man Universe trademark is broadly classified as “computer game software,” in addition to a range of more specific classifications, including downloadable game, mobile game, and screen saver — all clear indications of a new Mega Man series coming into fruition.

This whole “universe” thing is a bit overwhelming as the name can imply just about anything. It can be a new series, it can be a collection of just about every single Mega Man game in existence (including the god-forsaken Megan Man Battle & Chase racing game). What we do know about the trademark is absolutely nothing. But that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate. As of now, I’m going with something fresh; something bold that Capcom has never done before — a Mega Man MMO. And with that, I’ll go die of laughter with thinking such a thing.