Megaquarium Heads to PS4 Next Month, Fulfilling Your Wish to Manage Fish

Megaquarium Heads to PS4 Next Month, Fulfilling Your Wish to Manage Fish

Megaquarium is heading to PS4 with this new gameplay trailer showing the aquarium management action.

If you’ve ever sat playing Two Point Hospital, or Jurassic World Evolution and found yourself wishing everything was fish, then it looks like Auroch Digital has you covered next month when Megaquarium lands on PS4.

Originally available on PC and Mac back in 2018, Megaquarium finds you managing your own aquarium, allowing you to decide what it looks like, what fish to exhibit, what staff you want, and how to please the customers.

Megaquarium allows you to enjoy the game at your own pace, allowing a sandbox mode so that you can just enjoy managing an aquarium, or challenge yourself with the campaign mode. As stated in the blog post, there are just under 100 species of fish that you can introduce to your aquarium. Apparently, roughly 90% of the fish you’d find in a real aquarium can be found in Megaquarium.

These fish come with their own specific care requirements and stats, ensuring players take note of how to care for them. Certain fish require higher quality filters than others,  some need bigger tanks, some are greedier than others, etc. These fish are also scientifically accurate when it comes to being developed for the game. The blog post uses the whale shark as an example. A 3D model of the largest fish in the world was created using scientific drawings and photographs before being animated to move how the real deal moves.

There’s also a feature that allows you to get close and personal to the fish in a similar way to how Theme Park allows you to ride the rollercoasters. I just hope you can fill a tank with piranha’s and then set them free on the customers.

The trailer can be found above and Megaquarium will hit PS4 on October 18. It’s currently available on PC and Mac.