Men’s Room Mayhem Is a PS Vita Game… About The Men’s Room

on May 3, 2013 3:57 PM

I’m not kidding. This is not a joke. Besides, April Fool’s was last month.

Ripstone’s creative director Phil Gaskell has just announced Men’s Room Mayhem, a game which, you guessed it, is about the men’s room.

Men’s Room Mayhem revolves around a janitor tasked with maintaining his very own men’s room, where you’re tasked with directing patrons, keeping everything clean, and stopping trouble before it happens. As you can imagine, if you fail to get customers to urinals and cubicles in time, some disgusting accidents may occur, and with each wave comes an increase of customers.

Is this the guy from Jet Pack Joyride?

Is this the guy from Jet Pack Joyride?

The game is played simply by drawing lines using the Vita’s touchscreen. Extra points are rewarded for men’s room etiquette, like leaving a space between urinals, and for good hygiene.

Gaskell, who on PSN essentials like Super Stardust HD and Dead Island, and Ripstone, which has published games like Pure Chess, Big Sky Infinity, and Knytt Underground (which I really enjoyed)–are excited about working with Sawfly Studios, the team behind Men’s Room Mayhem, which is made up of ex-Studio Liverpool developers, widely known for the futuristic race series, Wipeout. Gaskell said the idea for the game came from hanging out a local bar with friends, and reflecting on the men’s room etiquette that you don’t learn from your father or friends, but pick up for a lifetime of public restroom visits. This reflection led to the game that you may be playing while actually being on a toilet, as Gaskell hopes.

Fore screenshots and details are set to arrive soon, including launch date and price.

Men's Room Mayhem 01

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