Mercenaries Saga Chronicles Gets Released in February, Gets New UI and Visuals

The tactical RPG of 3DS fame makes some changes to better fit its upcoming Nintendo Switch release with Mercenaries Saga Chronicle.

on January 20, 2018 2:44 PM

Circle Ent. started 2018 with an instant announcement of Mercenaries Saga Chronicles on Nintendo Switch. Since then, they’ve talked about subtle changes made between the 3DS releases of previous series titles and the new trilogy.

Revealed on Twitter, Circle Ent. shows the UI and visual differences in Mercenaries Saga Chronicles. As far as graphics go, colors are more vibrant, dark edges are sharper, and various other details have overall polish added to them. Obviously, from making the jump from 3DS to Nintendo Switch, the resolution is also enlarged.

The UI changes are also substantial. The 3DS obviously has a limited amount of screen space, and as such, it couldn’t display as much detail on one screen as perhaps the developer wanted. This left some information on the bottom screen and disconnected to the rest of the stats. The Nintendo Switch port changes many aspects of the windows that appear during combat. Character classes, levels, MP, and experience have been added thanks to the greater resolution. This makes it so players don’t have to back out and open sub-windows just to check the enemies’ stats that don’t appear by default.

Comparison images can be seen below. Mercenaries Saga Chronicles is set to arrive in February, with a specific release date coming soon.

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